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Hypnotherapy + Breathwork= Positive Life Changes

Breathwork, guided imagery and hypnotherapy are all wonderful holistic modalities that may significantly lower stress levels and improve mental health. Ultimately, through tapping into these deeper parts of yourself and using your breath, you can improve your overall well-being. I have had tremendous success with my clients, marrying hypnotherapy and breathwork. There are many different breathwork techniques of course, and all may give a different experience to the breather. Some people have emotional releases, others may have an out of body experience, and some, may just simply relax. The benefits and experiences are varied person to person, it is an experiential therapy. I've noticed it builds tremendous stress resiliency, improves sleep, lowers anxiety, and enhances self-awareness, clarity and creativity. When breathwork is combined with guided imagery and hypnotherapy techniques, the experience is even more profound. You can heal deep rooted wounds, trauma, anxieties, fears, limiting beliefs and unhealthy behaviors. The hypno-breathwork session typically starts with setting an intention and tuning into the body. Guided imagery is then used for full relaxation and feeling safe and centered, followed by a circular open mouth breathing technique. Afterwards, laying in stillness, you soak up the positive affirmations and imagery. Ending with a gentle integration of all the shifts and insights that surfaced. Movements or ecstatic dance may also be added to the breathwork experience. This is beneficial for moving energy and releasing trauma and stuck emotions in the body and nervous system. A great book that goes into more detail about this is: The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk. Hypno-Breathwork can become a valuable tool for you to calm yourself in stressful moments and get motivated.

Hypnotherapy in the form of positive mental imagery and suggestion, evoke elevated emotions. By creating this imagination play in the subconscious mind, you are changing your physiology, your attitude, your frequency, your emotional state and your autonomic nervous system. These emotions of gratitude, excitement, passion, joy, love, empowerment and inner peace, start to fill your mind and body, making you FEEL good and ACT in accordance with these new positive feelings. This simple state of controlled daydreaming along with a purposeful breathwork session allows you to get really clear on who you are, your purpose, your passions, what is working in your life, and what is not, you get focused... and so forth. It starts to dissolve the blocks holding you back from your authentic and highest self. You become the conscious architect of your life! Sounds powerful, doesn't it? If you have not tried Breathwork with Guided Imagery, it is magical and life changing, if you are ready for it.


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