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5 Keys to Feel Good & Nurture your SELF

Are you ready to soak in some feel-good vibes? feel more serenity? and enjoy the simplicities of life? Here is some inspiration to make you FEEL GOOD and nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Find your way to embodied happiness, contentment and a sense of calm with these easy to apply self-care pleasures; remember you feed your soul by doing things YOU love. Explore what brings you joy.

Get in Nature! Try Forest Bathing

You don't need a whole lot to take in the fresh air vibes of the great outdoors. Step outside, take your body for a walk barefoot, feel grounded on the earth. Find some trees and greenery and just simply observe in stillness. Start to stimulate all your senses in nature and connect with the elements around you. What are the smells? the colors? the sounds? notice the green trees or the blades of grass, paying attention to detail. You may even want to try an outdoor activity meet up group and go for a hike. Look for outdoor events in your local magazine or consider a local park and stroll along a nice path. Take time to notice the simple nuances of nature. Pick up a leaf or a flower and get lost in its beauty and uniqueness. We tend to be non-judgmental of nature; wouldn't it be lovely if we would embrace this act of kindness and compassion towards ourselves too?


Starting a regular meditation practice may be the alchemy needed in your life. Turning off all distractions, basking in stillness is a beautiful way to start to cultivate self-compassion and loving kindness. Take 5 or 10 minutes a day to detox from your devices, and find a quiet, safe place to sit. Then, close your eyes and tune into your body. Getting present, and just simply 'be'. There is a multitude of meditations you may want to try. Some people enjoy repeating a mantra or affirmation over and over again. Perhaps, you want soft music or binaural beats playing as you just breath slowly and mindfully. Or you may visualize a wave of relaxation moving through your body, as you guide your awareness to each part of your body, letting tensions melt away. One of the easiest ways I have found to start a meditation practice, is becoming aware of the sensations and movements of the breath, and the slight movements and vibration within the body. Start by dedicating 5 minutes when you wake up in the morning to your inner connectedness, deepening your breathing and sensing your body. The mind may wander, and that's ok. Just keep gently nudging yourself back to your rhythmical breath. Allow yourself to sit in stillness with whatever arises. Stay connected to yourself.

Try Something New

Reflect on what brings joy to your life? Maybe there is a passion project you have been putting off- no more excuses! Start it now! Or perhaps you are discovering what your passions are... wherever you are in the journey, make it a playful self-exploration. There may be a class or a group you have been wanting to try and haven't had the courage or the time to do so. Make today the day you step outside of your comfort zone. Do something that slightly scares you, take a little risk, you may be surprised at how empowering you feel afterwards. We are creatures of habit, and many people do not lean into change, or the unfamiliar. Why not learn more about yourself, and try a new hobby, a new vacation spot, or a new community hang out. Want a few ideas? Try a new restaurant by yourself (or with a friend), take yourself to a movie or an acting class, join a Zumba class or dance class, get ingredients to cook an exotic meal, join a new community online, make a new friend at your local coffee shop, start an art project, take a martial art class, hike that mountain you've always wanted to take on, take a spontaneous road trip... you are limitless! play around and have fun trying something new and fresh. Learn to be your own best friend!

Yoga or Exercise

If yoga is not your cup of tea, try some form of movement or aerobic exercise. Get your heart rate up and sweat! Getting your shine on by sweating, however it suits you is sure to get those endorphins flowing and give you positive feel good Being active can boost feel-good moods. Some examples: weightlifting, dance, running, Pilates, brisk walking, yoga or hot yoga, sports, rock-climbing, cross-fit, or swimming. You will feel more energetic, clearer and more focused, and have a more positive mindset. I like to say exercise is meditation in motion. Elevate your workout to elevate your life! You will also be improving your self-esteem and cognitive functioning in the process. Don't forget to smile. :)

Start a Gratitude Journal

Being grateful has so many benefits and writing them down may help you become more aware of the good things in your life. Adopt this small actionable practice in your daily life and it will pave the way to a more joyful future. Just by listing a few things you are grateful for everyday can significantly improve your well-being. It doesn't matter how big or small it is either. Personally, I love to visualize a ''moment'' of gratitude in my mind's eye. (eye's closed) I take myself to a past or even future moment of gratitude or appreciation and begin to feel it. So, I am not just THINKING about it, but truly FEELING it. This makes journal writing flow much easier. As you are cultivating thankfulness for the simplicities in life, notice how your mind and body begin to shift into a new way of thinking and being.


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