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How Hypnotherapy Creates Results

Hypnosis is a natural state of deep physical relaxation and heightened concentration in which direct communication with the subconscious mind is achieved. Breakthroughs and real lasting changes can be made by this communication with the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is THE DOER. We operate mainly from our subconscious programming. Our conscious mind plays a much smaller role. Usually it is the things that are hidden from our conscious mind, that exerts the greatest influence over our personalities, performance, and behaviors.


  • Guides the autonomic nervous system

  • Stores memories

  • Stores beliefs, emotions and self esteem

  • Creative intelligence

  • Makes associations

  • Is literal

  • Moves away from pain and toward pleasure

  • Seat of imagination

  • Doesn't discern fact from fantasy

  • Influences personality

  • Reasons deductively


  • Cognition

  • Analysis/Logic

  • Intellection

  • Five senses

  • Volition

  • Inductive/Deductive

  • Critical

  • Current awareness

As we bypass the critical faculty of the conscious mind we are able to have this direct path of communication with the subconscious mind. We then can saturate the subconscious mind with positive beliefs and associations. These positive beliefs we saturate the subconscious with, resembles yeast, inserting a bit of the ferment in your mind, it will begin to work, and grow, it tends to reproduce itself, until it eventually fills your entire mind. When we fill our mind with positive self beliefs, the negative self beliefs will eventually be destroyed. Think of pouring clean water into a basin of dirty water, eventually it will become clean.

When we have positive and empowering self beliefs and associations, this in turn, changes our responses, our actions, and our performance. Relationships become more enriched, careers become more productive and enjoyable, your life becomes more joyful, healthy, and victorious.

Beyond changing self beliefs, hypnotherapy is also about eliminating fears, mental blocks, negative patterns of behavior, and negative neuro-associations.

In our past, we may have learned unskilled ways of coping with stress and responding to different situations, which perhaps, in the past, worked for us, however, they may be very outdated now. Furthermore, whatever pain or pleasure we've "linked" to a situation, our nervous system is going to determine our behavior. By communicating with the subconscious mind we can change those unskilled and outdated ways of thinking and behaving, and learn new ways of thinking, behaving and/or coping, which are more productive, healthy and mature, which yields more successful outcomes.

We get results by using pattern interrupt, creating positive anchors, collapsing negative anchors, managing our states, empowering beliefs, removing limiting beliefs, mental rehearsal, implementing new strategies, and changing neuro-associations.

1. Change your neuro-associations and what you've "linked" pain and pleasure to and that will change your behavior.

2. Change your self-beliefs, which will elicit strong emotions, this leads to changes in behavior and therefor, new results.

3. Change your "story" by imagining the desired behavior in your minds' eye. Creating positive anchors and mental rehearsing will change your behavior.


The subconscious mind is always there, always available, all you have to do is tap into its power.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful and incredible tool for enhancing your emotional wellbeing, reaching your peak performance, reducing stress, having a healthy body and strong immune system, achieving greater insight, drawing upon your own creativity and inner resources, and unlocking hidden potentials.

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