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Your Innate Confidence!

Many of us, on a daily basis, say something or think something to belittle ourselves, to minimize ourselves, or beat ourselves up over something minute. We don't realize the crippling effect our mind set has on our lives. Every negative thought undermines our self confidence and dwindles our ability to stand tall and face life's challenges in a rational way. We shouldn't live in the "why me?" or "poor me" or " I can't" mind set. This will become like a curse, and inhibit you from reaching your great potential and damper your confidence from shining through. The truth at the center of divine confidence places us right in the present moment, leaving no room to be a victim. You are here as part of a divine plan, you are an irreplaceable piece of the life puzzle. Start believing!

Each of us have a unique imprint, a distinct gift, our value is indisputable.

By doing some of these exercises you will become fascinated and awed by the power, confidence, and courage that is within you. Speaking your truth will become a natural expression of your inner invincible warrior. First, we have to be willing and able to take responsibility for ourselves at the deepest level.

1. Make a list of positive qualities that you possess. ( such as loving, brilliant, wise, inspiring, visionary, charismatic, creative etc.) Appreciate your unique self and all the qualities you have. Smile at yourself!

2. Write down your mantra of confidence and courage. Discover you own unique power statement that you can look at each day.

3. Be aware of your self talk, and work on using positive affirmations throughout the day. ( e.g I am a strong, powerful and vibrant person, I love who I am! )

4. Be a witness to your negative emotions rather than getting pulled down and engaging with them. Imagine those negative emotions floating in an untamed fast flowing river. Instead of getting dragged down in the water, step on the river bank, and watch them float by. With practice, you will be able to transcend these negative emotions, and not let them run your life.

5. Move out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Take a risk today! Do something that you wouldn't normally do. It can be something as simple as genuinely complimenting a stranger, or going to a nice restaurant by yourself, or turning up the music and dancing around. Be content with your own company!

6. Take a few minutes each day to do some self discovery. Close your eyes and reflect, ask yourself "Am I being the type of person I truly want to be?" " Am I living a life of service? How am I contributing to this world?" " What can I do today to be in alignment with my goals?" Ignite your imagination, and visualize yourself as the person you want to be. See your self walking and talking with confidence, feel that power, that strength, that beauty, that love, feel it all. See it vividly in your mind, and go on remembering those great empowering feelings throughout the day.

I wish you great creating and a joy filled week!

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