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You, the creator

Buddha statue

Our inner awareness is always evolving. Experience your awareness, not as a stream of thoughts, but as the potential for becoming who you want to truly be. The road to freedom is not just about feeling good: it is actually through feeling true to yourself. Look at your boundaries and limitations with the intention of expanding beyond them. A creator should never feel trapped. As you develop your self awareness your proactivity and self acceptance blooms.

Picture to yourself what you would like to be and have, and assume that such things are possible. Arouse a deep desire for those things. Become enthusiastic about them. Keep them in your mind, go over them, and keep exploring them. This constant repetition, and thinking in terms of possibilities, will make the end result more real. Then, the appropriate emotions like enthusiasm, happiness, encouragement, and cheerfulness will automatically be produced. Nostalgia for the future can keep you youthful, and propel you towards achieving your goals. Having a goal and understanding the situation is not enough however, you must also have courage, courage to act. For only by the actions can your goals, desires, and beliefs be translated into realities.

Whatever you pay attention to grows. Ever so often take inventory of how you are using your attention. Ask yourself "What do I want to grow in my life?" If you need a little attention shift, this will guide you. Reality is whatever you identify with. So it is important to take note of where you are devoting the majority of your energy and attention.

This practice of self reflection, and self examination gives you an opportunity to reclaim who you are - a creator.

As a creator, you can bring about a deep transformation just by simply altering your consciousness. Start by cultivating clarity, and being awake to yourself around the clock. Try not to be overshadowed by externals, like many of us are. This clarity will bring you a feeling of alertness, connectedness, exhilaration, and you will be an unshakeable, yet humble human being. Possessing these unique human capacities of self awareness, conscience, and imagination enable us to take charge of our life, and write our own scripts.

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