Erin Macsymic CHt, RMT 

 Master Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist, Trauma Specialist

“ I am dedicated to empowering, encouraging, and guiding you on your healing journey to unleash your personal power, remove mental blocks and trauma and reach your full potential. Lets thrive and create a life of true happiness, inner peace, and playfulness”.

                                  Erin Macsymic

RELEASE stored trauma to support you in achieving your goals, heal your mind & body, and transform your life.

STRENGTHEN your new empowering beliefs and positive emotions, by taking positive action.

EXPERIENCE more balance, joy, and tranquility in your life.

Hypnotherapy Workshops include Breath-work, Color Psychology, Visualizations, Personalized Acupressure and Energy Healing. 

Hypnosis Therapy, Breath-work and Holographic Memory Resolution are safe, pleasant, powerful, and easy therapies that can:

  •  significantly lower stress, tension and anxiety

  •  heal deep seated trauma, childhood wounds and depression

  •  break through mental blocks and increase focus, performance and productivity

  •  eliminate negative emotions such as anger and sadness

  •  heal from disease and reduce pain

  •  end addictions and poor habits

  •  let go of grief and shame

  •  stimulate the vagus nerve for deep relaxation

  •  improve Heart Rate Variability (HRV) for a healthier heart and stress management

  •  increase happiness, creativity, self-love and acceptance

  •  expand consciousness, body awareness, and your innate wisdom

  •  cultivate better physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being 

Erin's success with fortune 500 CEO's, professional athletes, entertainers, physicians, and entrepreneurs has honed her skills as a successful, coveted and unique therapist. She provides mobile services, Skype, one on one sessions, group sessions, and workshops. ALL SESSIONS ARE CONFIDENTIAL. Call or email for more information or scheduling workshops or one on one sessions. 

  310-739-1706 or machypnosis@gmail.com 



Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) as developed by Brent Baum is unique in that it is a gentle client-centered, body-centered technique for the release and reframe of negative or overwhelming experiences.  Unresolved trauma is often at the root of many ailments, physical, mental and physiological. There is a connection between trauma and sleep disorders, chronic pain, digestive issues, anxiety, shame, anger, addictions, relationship problems and other stress related health issues. Use HMR to heal your mind, body, and spirit. Feel healthier, happier, and more confident everyday, and in every way!

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Erin Macsymic CMS-CHT, RMT Registration #117-001

Ph. 310.739.1706


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Erin Macsymic RMT, CMS-CHt




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