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Rejuvenate your Mind + Body with Self-Care

It is such an important time to ramp up your self-care regimen. Start to relax and reclaim that part of you that tends to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are many different ways to take care of yourself, including different aspects of your life; physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and social. The benefits are immense. You will start to realign and harmonize your mind-body and feel a sense of calm and connect to yourself and others in a deeper way. Self-care rejuvenates and boosts your immune system and increases your compassion. Taking time for yourself brings more clarity, joy and puts you in that “flow” state. Remember it is not being selfish! You do matter, and your well-being should not be compromised. Ultimately, when you start making your self-care a priority, you become healthier, happier and more successful in all your ventures.

To start your self-care ritual, begin by making an intention each morning when you wake up. You can set mini goals for yourself, such as accomplishing one or two self-care activities that day.

Here are examples of self-care activities, and ideas to refresh, restore and realign your mind, body, and spirit. Do the ones that speak to you.

  • Take a few minutes to read a book you’ve been meaning to get to. Or read some inspiring stories, or quotes.

  • Plan a family or friends dinner. Make healthy food and come together to share stories, memories and fun times.

  • Discover calm through essential oils. Choose an oil you are drawn to, place a few drops in your hand and take big, slow inhales. Or, place a few drops in your shower or bath water. Feel the uplifted moods.

  • Talk to a friend. Make a phone call, or better yet, meet them face to face and catch up.

  • Visit a farmers market. Let your senses savor the offerings- see the bright displays of colors, smell the fresh herbs and fruits, sample a bite.

  • Recharge yourself with gemstones. Rose quartz is a lovely healing stone. Hold it in your hand, or place by a window in your room. Feel the positive vibrations it radiates.

  • Try a yoga or pilates class. Treat your body to some deep stretches, and strengthening and balancing poses.

  • Try a cooking class, or just find a new recipe and spend some quality time in the kitchen, and enjoy your creations.

  • Take a walk in nature. Find a tree to sit under. Or let your bare feet touch the earth.

  • Treat yourself to new pj's, slippers, or bed sheets. Get comfy .

  • Set a new goal for yourself. Take one small step toward achieving that goal.

  • Try an exotic flavor. Try some exotic spices or make a meal you have never had before.

  • Declutter your home or work space. You’ll also find you are freeing up mental space for new ideas.

  • Learn something new. Read an article, take a new class, take up a new language, youtube how to fix something you’ve been meaning to fix…. etc.

  • Get a plant or start a garden. Learn how to care for, and produce your own veggies or fruits.

  • Get playful. Play some music, sing and dance.

  • Smile at more people today. Go out on your normal daily routine, adding smiles along the route.

  • Silence your devices. Spend a day with no electronics, just old fashioned connecting to yourself and others.

  • Spend an hour playing a sport. Get your body active, and get your sweat on.

  • Go forest bathing. Immerse yourself in trees and mother nature. Feel the crisp air, hear the sounds around you with each step and notice the colors surrounding you.

  • Meditate. Take a few minutes to do some introspection. Nurture your soul with intentional mindful loving kindness.

  • Get a massage. Try reflexology, acupuncture or a deep tissue massage.

  • Try a pottery class or an art class. Get your hands dirty, and make some art!

  • Set a limit, and go on a little shopping spree. Buy yourself something you need, or you have been wanting.

  • Sip your favorite drink. Make an indulgent hot chocolate, a seasonal latte, or a fancy martini and savor the moment.

  • Make a to-do list. Cross one thing off the list today.

  • Plan an outing for your family or friends. Find a local event, live music, new restaurant or a park and spend some quality time together.

  • Get a pet, or walk your dog. Find a new trail, and take your companion on a walk.

  • Get inspired by someone you look up to, or someone with a lot more life experience than you. Learn one thing about that persons’ life and apply it to yours.

  • Play a game. Act like a kid and bring out your inner child.

  • Treat your sweet tooth. Splurge and get a sundae, or whatever your guilty pleasure is.

  • Pray. Connect to the Higher Power, Divine, God, Mother Nature or enhance your spirituality in some way that is meaningful to you. Get close to God or whatever your belief systems or religious values are.

  • Make amends with someone.

  • Send flowers to yourself. Buy yourself a bouquet.

  • Make your home your haven. Emphasize that feeling of warmth, comfort and closeness in your space. Organize an area of your home or office.

  • Play an instrument. Or spend more time with a passion project of yours. Or even start a new hobby.

  • Add some color to your wardrobe. Wear a color you don’t usually wear.

  • Pamper yourself at a spa, get your hair cut or styled or paint your nails.

  • Eat more vegetables. Evaluate your diet and make the necessary changes. Add supplements if needed.

  • Listen to something beautiful or inspiring. Look at something beautiful or inspiring... taste something, feel something, get all your senses involved in the sublime beauty.

  • Start a journal. Write whatever comes to mind in this moment.. like a free flowing stream of consciousness.

  • Try a martial art class such as Krav Maga. Learn practical skills to defend yourself.

  • Sit by the fireplace with friends. Play a table topics card game and get to know everyone on a deeper level.

  • Take a little adventure outside of your city. Be spontaneous! Visit a small town, immerse yourself in a different culture, visit tourist attractions, or book an excursion.

There is no better time then right NOW to take control of your life and emotional states, and ultimately treat yourself with respect and honor the being that you are! This may start with some self-reflection, prayer, meditation, trying something new, or simply spending more time with yourself. Self care is self nurturing. Our soul and physical body needs this on the regular.

You are blessed. You are magnificent. You are absolutely worthy of this time and attention right now.

Lots of love,

Erin Macsymic


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