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The Effects of Negative Emotions Within the Body.

When there are negative emotions in our life that are chronic or overwhelming, or we are feeling like we just cannot handle them, our body will show us with physical symptoms in specific regions. 

Sadness and anger are part of our emotional guiding system. Depression is excessive sadness, and lack of love and joy.  All of us have moments of sadness and other negative emotions. However, if they stay for a long time, that emotional problem, becomes a physical one. Your body then alerts you through physical symptoms, and tries to tell you that a change needs to be made. We can stop and ask ourselves what is wrong in our lives. We must note the emotion, label it and give a name to it, only then we can effectively respond to it. When we can name the emotion we are more likely to release it before the mood creates a biochemical cascade. Without finding the message behind the emotion and changing those thoughts, you may find yourself an hour later in a meltdown.  Anger, sadness, depression, excessive fears, these emotions, if not dealt with appropriately, have a domino effect of health issues.  How do these negative emotions get translated in the body? First, something triggers your mood, and brings about anger or sadness. As the days go on you may feel you can’t shake the mood. That discomfort moves down from your right brain, that area for emotions, to your hypothalamus.  This is the area that is responsible for regulating hormones, eating and sleep.  Often, when you are in a bad mood for a long time, it starts to disrupt your sleeping patterns. Then, the sadness or anger effect the pituitary gland.  This causes more chemical symptoms to proceed to your adrenal gland, which broadcasts the emotions all over your body.  Second: When you feel sad, angry or frustrated, your brain stem releases epinephrine, a neurotransmitter that makes you more tense and irritable.  Cortisol is then released by the adrenal gland, which is another stress hormone. It can make you gain weight, cause muscle weakness, heart disease, and even diabetes, if long lasting. Third:  Cortisol starts the infamous immune system problems. The emotions that were just sadness, frustration, anger, turn into “body” depression with a ripple effect of irritating, sleep-inducing, and pain-causing cytokines. Cytokines cause inflammation everywhere in the body.  Fourth: The small secreted proteins promote your white blood cells, the immune system cells, to release more proteins that make you feel tired, achy, weak and low energy. It may feel like you have a flu or arthritis.  Fifth: Those cytokines “eat up” your mood neurotransmitters, causing a spiral downward in moods and emotions. You feel more depressed, more angry, more irritable.  Norepinephrine and serotonin, important in keeping your mood elevated, keep on dropping.  Sixth: Months later, those negative emotions, the depression, become more solidified in your body and organs, especially your heart. Your blood pressure and blood sugars may be irregular and problematic.  Seventh: Now, due to the changes in the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and serotonin, it causes more pain in the body, more sleeping problems, changes in appetite, and overall body ache.  Eighth: Chronic aggravation and depression in the body start to severely bother you at night. You can’t fall asleep or stay asleep. It may be harder to stay awake during the day.  The months go on, you may lose weight, or gain weight, and may be nutritionally deficient in different minerals and vitamins.  Leaky gut, and other digestive issues may arise. A vicious cycle of more health problems begin.  Ninth: As if it’s not already depressing enough, cholesterol floats in your blood vessels, insulin increases, and inflammation goes up everywhere in the body. Cholesterol with chronic depression creates molecules called free radicals, that over time, clog up your memory circuits. You may feel like your forgetting more, or experiencing brain fog. Tenth: Vitamin, mineral, and omega-3 fatty acids go down, and your body doesn’t absorb as many nutrients. Decades later, this inflammation combined with nutritional deficiencies increase your chances of dementia, and other major illnesses.  Long-term negative emotions have an extreme effect on our hormones, neurotransmitters and our ability to absorb nutrients. As you can see, they can cause an array of health concerns, which then causes more frustration, sadness and discomfort mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Some solutions to try:

Hypnosis Therapy



Chinese Herbs- Herbalist 

Aerobic Exercise (daily)

Visiting Spiritual Centers

Meditation and Yoga


Positive Affirmations

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Vitamin Supplements- Nutritionist 

Good emotional and physical health begins with loving and accepting yourself.  When we love ourselves, we are loving the Divine, and all the expressions and creations of life. In addition, we must change our thought patterns, eliminate circular thinking and limiting self beliefs, and create healthy boundaries. Then true healing can occur, not only in our minds, but in our bodies as well.  If you have any questions about your personal situation or issue, feel free to contact me, I will do my very best to guide you in the right direction.  Erin Macsymic RMT CHt MAC Hypnosis Presence. Healing. Optimization. 310-739-1706

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