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A New Paradigm for Psychosomatic Disorders and Memory Based Pain

One of the most common physical disorders in our culture is pain. One of the most common emotional disorders in our culture is emotional pain. Sadness, depression, frustration, overwhelm: they all have the same brain energy and chemistry. The brainwaves and what occurs at a physiological and cellular level are very similar. This is true whether it is emotional pain, spiritual pain, or physical pain. Additionally, the physiological response and immune response are the same whether they are REAL or vividly IMAGINED in your mind. One of the outstanding things, for instance, is that over 50 percent of those seeking medical attention, have an emotionally induced illness or other wise classified as a psychosomatic disorder. Some experts would say these numbers are as high as 80 percent. Everyone has had an emotionally induced illness at one time or another.

Often times, emotional pain that is chronic, ends up becoming physical. It starts to manifest as physical symptoms in the body. This can be anything from skin disorders, migraines, headaches, joint pain, muscular pain, vision problems, IBS, heartburn, colitis, eating disorders, to diseases such as Parkinson’s, and even cancer. It’s crucial we address the root of the emotionally induced illness and clear the beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve our higher good, so the dis-ease doesn’t plague us. Many people who do not understand the nature of emotionally induced illnesses are apt to think that because of their superior intelligence they are immune to emotionally induced or trauma based illnesses. In fact, it can be more prevalent with higher mental alertness, capacity, and intelligence.

In the U.S. medical errors are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. This is very alarming, and deserves more accentuation. I believe it is imperative to look more closely and open-mindedly at psychosomatic disorders so we can address the symptoms and accurately diagnose and treat. Treatment should be not only from a pharmaceutical aspect but also a spiritual, emotional and memory based perspective. The symptoms that are shown in or on the body can be a direct reflection of one’s mental state. For example, traumatic memories, or any moments that are overwhelming to the system are automatically and subconsciously stored in the body a millisecond before the trauma. These memories, if not released, can manifest as illness, and also, changes the DNA expression at the cellular level. This would be going into the study of Epigenetics, which would be a whole other topic. As it relates to emotionally induced illness, we must do a better job at assessing the ROOT of the symptoms and triggers. We also must be open to exploring the possibility that stems from trauma based memories, energy blocks, spiritual abuse and chronic negative or outdated beliefs/thoughts.

My passion is to bring light to this dark spot in modern medicine, by addressing and treating the emotional induced trauma symptoms with care, kindness, and a gentle curiosity. Using client centered, body centered therapy we can safely reframe past traumatic memories, and understand and correct negative emotional tendencies so we can live happier, healthier, more victorious life.

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