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Explore Compassion: Reconnect With Your Heart and Heal Pain

If your emotions have been shaken from hurt and trauma, or you have pain in the body, building self-compassion can help heal your heart, mind and body, and gradually open up to both pleasant and unpleasant emotions with ease. When we get hurt or we feel fear we tend to push away or “stuff” feelings down. Repressing emotions and feelings have painful consequences, such as manifesting as pain or discomfort in the body. It may be worthwhile to look inward and see if there is some belief, emotion or even past trauma that needs to be released. Remember pain is part of life. When you cant seem to get away from it, here are some valuable suggestions.

Practice gratitude- although pain can seem to eclipse everything that’s good about life. There is always things to be grateful for.

Focus on others- find ways to be of service to people and the planet; when you’re serving the world, pain has a way of shrinking into the background.

Qi follows your breath- Deep full breathing helps us move the vital energy within our body, rather than letting it be stagnant with shallow breathing. Slow deep belly breaths helps us to feel more alive and helps us let go. Try breathing through the physical pain or the emotional pain.

Riding the waves of emotion- Trying to get rid of the painful or unwanted emotions and battling them only gives them more attention, which actually feeds and strengthens them. Let the emotion run its course, it will dissolve. Observe as they come and go, and trust it will dissipate.

Self-compassion- practicing mindfulness will naturally grow your self-compassion over time. You will realize you are not alone, all human beings experience pain. Start a daily meditation practice and nurture your self-compassion.

Acceptance- Resistance produces stagnation, so resisting pain doesn't help. Accept your pain and let it go. Give yourself permission to heal and release it. Be patient and gentle with yourself.

Cultivating compassion is like planting a garden. You must plant seeds and provide them with the care they need to grow— sunlight, water, and good soil free of weeds. Start by becoming more aware of your body sensations, your thoughts, and your emotions. Allow yourself to be an observer, without analyzing or judging, just simply noticing, and being aware. Then, send yourself a little wish, as many times throughout the day as you’d like. Something like "may I have inner peace and calmness in all situations today" or "I am love, I am happy, I am peace" or "my body is healthy, strong and beautiful." Choose a mantra or affirmation that resonates with you. Say it out loud, and silently in your mind. Learn to respond, rather than reacting to the circumstances that arise.

This is an easy acronym to help you be aware, heal, and cultivate self-compassion.


S- Step out of the busy busy ‘doing’ mode. Simply ‘Be’.

T- Take deep, long, slow breaths into your belly.

O- Observe. Be open and curious with your emotions, feelings, and body sensations.

P- Proceed with this new physical and emotional awareness. Your new wisdom will help guide you through your day.

Don't forget to smile!

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