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Connecting with your Goals to make them a Reality.

Are you interested in reaching your peak? Becoming the best version of yourself? Whether that is within relationships, or within your career, or within your already established skills and talents, or spiritually, you can choose to create new patterns of thinking and new ways of behaving to benefit your wellbeing and success. Using some simple daily reflection exercises, your imagination, and if desired, working with a therapist, you can achieve some real breakthroughs, live a happier and more fulfilling life now.

What drives us in life is our desire.

As you focus and place attention on something, it starts to become. New patterns of thinking and responding are created and your passion will attract vehicles and opportunities that will aid in your goals becoming your reality. By developing this consistent focus on something, you will experience it. It can be as simple as just trusting. Trusting in something greater than yourself, and having an intense belief in yourself and that you will achieve what you set out to achieve. This requires patience and commitment.

Reflection: Think about a goal you have. Get exited about creating your destiny!

1. Write down what you will gain from achieving your goal. Write down what is the consequence of not achieving the goal.

2. Think about what you would have to believe about yourself for this goal to become reality.

3. Ask yourself questions that will empower you. Everyday ask yourself a couple questions that cause you to go into a positive state.

4. Think about and write down role models you have. People who you look up to, have achieved some things that you want to achieve, or who have the persona you'd like to obtain. ( Don't be shy about imagining what it would be like to be them, or have some of their qualities. Get into that feeling state, feel their qualities within you).

5. While in a positive state, think of one action you can take today towards the attainment of your goal. Doesn’t matter how big or small that action is, just one little step forward.

Smile. And GO DO IT!

Make your life the masterpiece it deserves to be. It is not necessary to ruminate over the logistics of how your goal will be achieved. Remember, purpose is stronger than outcome.

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