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Healing the Past for a Better Future

Awake or asleep, our subconscious mind is always active and always recording. Even under anesthesia or in a coma, our mind is constantly aware of our surroundings. Research shows us that the subconscious mind can register sensations and store memories. Powerful emotions can deeply carve experiences and events into our memory, they help memories form and stick. These memories become stored in our bodies. Along with powerful emotions and trauma, repetition and authority figures can also instill and condition our subconscious minds. Typically, our programming is done before the age of 12. This can be both positive programming and negative programming. The memories becomes encoded in the physiology of the body, this is where symptoms of disease and physical pain can arise.

Painful experiences in our lives precipitate an "encoding" of the overwhelming feelings, resulting in the storage of "trauma." This takes place in a single millisecond of time, capturing all of the sensory data, feelings, and perceptions of the overwhelming experience. This encoding process is automatic and happens at a subconscious level. When we encode a painful experience, we freeze our perceptions to stop the pain. The emotional frequencies that communicate safety are deficient. At the moment of “freezing,” we stored an affect that was less than positive. The more traumatic the event or act, the darker the metaphor of encoding appears, as evidenced in art therapy with children. In order to heal the body, we must address the bad memory, and release the emotional charge that was locked in that scene and stored somatically.

By using somatically engaging processes in combination with hypnotherapy, we can stop dwelling in the past, subconsciously, and start to live fully in the present, manifesting the power, goals, and potential for which we are intended. We give our mind-body the ability to feel safe and whole and we no longer bear the same attachments to the past. The pain of our lives becomes the occasion for the mastery of our states of consciousness. I believe that such emotional reframing techniques hold the potential to release us from the age-old victimhood of the subconscious, bringing us closer to accessing a life full of abundance and unlimited potential where anything becomes possible.

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