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Basics: Hypno-Massage

As it regards to massage therapy and other forms of body work, it is in my experience, some people find it easier to relax than others. It comes to some clients naturally, while others find it difficult to let go of tension, even during an excellent massage. When hypnosis is combined with a massage, or positive affirmations, it opens up the person to a perfect, complementary healing balance, with the mind and body. Total body relaxation, and intuitive resources become ignited. This beautiful duo of massage and hypnosis can achieve the highest levels of healing, liberation and peace within each individual.

Imagine the caring touch of massage with soothing guided imagery and healing suggestions. It is pure bliss and serenity. Hypnosis puts the mind into a alpha brain state, and with some individuals, in a theta range. This puts the mind more at ease during a massage. When in this alpha state, the muscles respond more rapidly to the muscle manipulation, and the benefits of the massage last a lot longer. The mind is at ease, and while absorbing positive suggestions, the spirit becomes whole and vibrant, and your body is loose and relaxed, allowing for speedy healing, harmonization of the mind-body connection, and the release of underlying blocks or stored trauma within the body.

Many of times old injuries may still linger in muscle memory of the body. These blocks of past physical trauma, as well as emotional trauma, become locked in certain areas of the body, preventing a complete healing, and authentic expression. The unique combined practice of massage and hypnosis simultaneously may generate a deeper state of relaxation, and the cleansing of old trauma, both physical and emotional. This up and coming therapy of combining massage and hypnosis is a sure way to feel lighter, happier, healthier and bold. We are all unique, so each hypno-massage has to be custom tailored.

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