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Finding Your Flow

When you lose yourself in something, whether it is in a competitive sport, drum solo, or a marathon, it becomes such a surreal experience that you will be amazed at how effortlessly your body performs for you. When in flow, skills, movements, and body mechanics happen with such fluidity and precision, that not only do you perform better, but you experience your own state of grace. With practice, this mindfulness practice becomes a new way of life. It is a skill, that which, with practice, you get better and better at.

When we are fully in the moment, and in "flow" we see things more clearly, we act and respond accordingly, our memories become sharper, we have a strong sense of self and self reliance, we shine and the world shines around us. Being totally immersed in an activity or sport, both physically, and mentally, gives you that edge that many people strive for. Moments in every day life become more meaningful and delicious.

Ways for getting into flow:

1. Be enthusiastic about everything you do.

2. Pay attention to the detail of what you are doing.

3. Release your attachments.

4. Embrace empowering thoughts of peace, joy, love, acceptance and willingness.

5. Talk to yourself. Think power thoughts, they will energize you.

6. BREATHE. Slow Rhythmical breathing.

Stay engaged in life. Don't let the past nor the future rob you of flourishing in this very moment!

You have a kingdom of limitless potential.

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