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Building Team Cohesion Using Hypnosis

Team cohesion is a dynamic process, meaning, it is ever changing and should be addressed at regular intervals. Teams are constantly developing and progressing. Understanding the purpose and goals of the team is essential. Starting off with increasing the athletes self-awareness, increasing sense of responsibility, employing a systematic goal setting program and allowing the athlete to express themselves creatively. With the incorporation of hypnosis and mindfulness training, this is reinforced and a teams' cohesion, chemistry and emotional intelligence will be enhanced and developed. Emotional Intelligence aims to help athletes develop emotional controlled techniques, which also improves team performance. The primary aim with team cohesion, is to demonstrate how important each individual is for the team and develop each individual's responsibilities. When you use hypnosis with a team collectively, it creates a positive, empowering, and confident climate that supports cohesion, accepted leadership, eliminates negativity, and encourages teammates to dedicate their effort to a collective achievement.

Much of the training and coaching that professional athletes receive works on the logical part of the brain, the left brain. Strategies, game plans, knowing exactly what to do in a specific situation all stimulate the left brain. The right brain frequently gets ignored. Imagery, visualizations, music, balance, emotions and self hypnosis all involve the right brain. Smart athletes know you must tap into both left and right brains, to climb to your full capability and maintain the path of excellence. Hypnosis and mindfulness practices help the athlete and the team build on skills such as: focus, intensity, mental toughness, accelerated healing from injuries, consistency, concentration, anxiety and removing mental blocks. This is done by imagining an ideal model, mental rehearsing, progressive relaxation, positive internal dialogue, direct suggestions, end result imagery, and ego strengthening. Hypnosis enhance team dynamics, intra-team communication, and mutual goal setting. The significant contribution hypnosis offers in sports performance and team cohesion is remarkable, and widely acknowledged.

Contact Erin Macsymic CHt, RMT for additional information.


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