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Hypnosis For The Professional Athlete

Since the subconscious mind is the driving force between our beliefs and behaviors, it makes sense that a technique, such as hypnosis, which elicits change at the subconscious level will be highly effective.

Sports hypnosis can help an athlete:

  • Overcome issues of self-doubt which may be holding him/her back from reaching his/her full potential

  • Fine-tune a technique and have a high level of confidence which will enable him/her to excel beyond what he may have previously thought possible

  • Acquire the intense focus & concentration required to be at the top in his/her sport

  • Overcome performance anxiety or pre-game jitters

  • You also learn intention, self-empowerment, thought control, emotional mastery, self-hypnosis, and how to increase self-confidence. These skills develop mental toughness and grit in the professional athlete.

Not only can the power of hypnosis techniques be utilized by the world’s top athletes, but it can be employed by anyone seeking to improve their performance at any level of competition. Sports hypnosis sessions enable you to completely change limiting beliefs and turn off criticizing self-talk and negative thoughts that block you from performing at your ultimate peak. Furthermore, an occasional poor performance will not make you subject to any feelings of frustration or discouragement.

With hypnosis, the resulting effects from the use of these visualization techniques are amplified. During the mental rehearsal of a peak performance, and intense focus, the nervous system performs as if the physical activity was actually taking place. In addition, mental rehearsal and visualizations of an performance convince the subconscious mind that the actual event can also be accomplished at that high level, and creates within the athlete's mind the confidence, and self belief that is essential for a outstanding

performance. Hypnosis is a science, and happens in the nervous system. If you learn to train your mind, re-educate the subconscious mind and use hypnotic suggestions, the desired outcome will be monumental and impressive.

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