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Dream BIG for 2017!

Dream BIG for 2017! 3 Steps

We are soon embarking on a new voyage into a new year. Make your next 12 month journey the best one you've ever taken!

Lets create a wonderful existence; live bolder, dream bigger, be inspired, feel exhilarated, and take more adventures. Here are 3 reminders.

1. Choose LOVE. Be a loving person, as well as "becoming love". Love yourself, act with love, and become love in all your interactions. Questions you can ask yourself: Did I make time for family, friends and relationships today? This week? Did I spread love and kindness to the world today? Did I act with love to those around me today?

2. Enjoy THIS very moment. We do have control of our minds, and we can, with practice train our minds to be more present. Choose contentment and happiness, by living in the moment. The less we judge ourselves and our life, the more we will enjoy our life. Dare to be conscious! Questions you can ask yourself: Did I wake up this morning with gratitude? Did I fully enjoy whatever I was doing this week? Today? Did I take every pleasure that was available to me today?

3. Take calculated risks and deliberate ACTION. Fear is a very hindering emotion. It can rob you of love, memorable experiences, success, wealth, or a dream from coming stop fear in its place! Be brave, courageous, and responsible. Make your story exiting. There are never any guarantees of success, lasting love, or accomplishing something, but there is a guarantee of failure if we choose not to try at all. Questions you can ask yourself: Am I following my heart right now? Did I act on my convictions this week? How am I responding to the setbacks in my life? Am I stepping forward or retreating?

Don't live this new year in complete routine, live with daily changing adventure. Is there something you've always wanted to do, that you haven't taken the step to do yet? GO DO IT NOW! Push yourself beyond your own 'perceived' limits. Maybe your goal this new year is to travel more, or be more mindful, or eat healthier... whatever your aspirations are, you will make it happen! This is the year!

Live Happy my friends.

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