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Sports + Hypnosis = Excellence

Athletes use hypnosis! It has helped make a lot of them legendary. Here are some known people that have thrived from hypnosis: Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Kevin McBride, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Steve Collins, Jimmy Connors, Nolan Ryan, Rod Carew, Don Sutton, Steve Hooker, and many more.

The subconscious mind is where automated responses are housed. It can affect the success of conditioned mental responses and physiological outcomes. It is that state of being "in the zone" where everything flows naturally and fluidly. With hypnosis we re-program the subconscious mind and train the athletes mind to improve their game, and eliminate distractions. Since it is the subconscious mind that is the driving force between our beliefs and behaviors, it makes sense to tap into this deeper mind state to perform optimally.

How does hypnosis help?

  • Increases Focus and Concentration

  • Builds Coordination

  • Increases Motivation

  • Creates Positive Expectations and Self Belief

  • Boosts Self Esteem and Confidence

  • Eliminates Fears and Anxieties

  • Removes Past Negative Programming

  • Prevents Injuries

  • Removes any Self Doubt

  • Fine Tunes Techniques

  • Increases Mental Stamina

  • Uncovers your Full Potential

  • The list goes on!

Athletes are often determined to find anything that will give them an edge over their competition, and help them play with intense focus and confidence. Working with a trained hypnotherapist, the athlete will excel significantly and see the gains in their athletic performance, regardless of what their sport may be.

Erin Macsymic CHT, RMT

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