1:1 and Group Healing Sessions (Corporate Groups are Flat Rates Depending on Travel)

Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing Sessions are profoundly transformational as we are working with the subconscious mind and deeper states of consciousness to harness your infinite creative resources within.  We start to release old pain, trauma, and unresolved memories/emotions and access the healer within. By reframing these negative memories and limiting self beliefs we can successfully instill new positive beliefs, behaviors, and emotions. 

Sessions may include: Breathwork, Body Sensing, Color Psychology, Energy Healing, Hypnosis Therapy, Affirmations, Guided Imagery, HRV, Bodywork and/or Sound Therapy.

What Our Clients Say


Leonard Robert

I run a business that is extremely demanding.  I was unable to manage my stress, and be as productive as I wanted. Erin helped to manage my stress, shake negativity and procrastination which make me a more effective leader.  This directly resulted in me being a better boss and entrepreneur.  Her efficiency techniques gave me more focus to complete my work, and allowed me more time with my family --- which is the true reward!