Sports massage gives the athlete 20% more in the areas of performance, flexibility, injury prevention and career longevity.

     With sports massage, we can identify adhesions, hypertonicity, and ischemia within the muscle tissues, and treat them to restore tissues before it becomes injurious.

    Neuromuscular therapy and myokinesthetic therapy stimulates the muscles associated with a particular nerve root, using trigger points. 


With Graston Therapy and Active Release Techniques, we can alleviate/eliminate pain, restore range of motion and improve posture.

Active Isolated Stretching provides dynamic and powerful repercussions. By lengthening the muscles and fascial release, it increases flexibility, blood flow, endurance, elasticity of muscle joints and fascia, enables lymph to move properly (detoxification), and lessons muscle fatigue.

Sports massage therapies include, friction massage, traction, trigger point therapy lymphatic drainage therapy, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, myofascia release, aerobic conditioning & reconditioning, and joint mobilization.

Massage for Athletes

Therapeutic Massage


Massage therapy enhances sleep quality and circulation, which allows the body to heal and maintain healthy muscle tissues and nerve function.

Orthopedic testing and rehabilitation helps to assess muscle strength/weakness & nerve dysfunction/compression, relieve pressure on nerve roots, evaluate range of motion & increase mobility, and much more. 

Trauma and stagnant energy is lifted and moved through releasing fascial restrictions. 



Massage therapy & hypno-massage reduces anxiety, depression, stress, pain, tension headaches, and enables mind-body healing.

Hypno-Massage is the integration of relaxing body work with hypnotic therapeutic suggestions.  It helps clear emotional trauma and speeds healing. 

Each massage session is unique, and custom to your needs.